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We believe in a balanced approach to wellness here at InternaPure and that in order to heal and achieve optimal vibrancy you have to support the body at a minimum physically, emotionally/mentally and energetically. 

Hammering one area of the body (ie. the physical body with tons of supplements without addressing emotions or the energy body) in order to force it into healing submission doesn't seem to work - as evidenced by the state of wellness (or lack thereof) of the current population. 

We offer services that are thoughtfully put together in order that each service support and be in harmony with each other to help you in your personal journey.  Check out some of the services we offer HERE.

We believe that you are your best advocate not only for a state of a "lack of sickness" but for your highest level of wellbeing.  But the knowing of what tools, supplements and modalities to apply comes from the hearing and so we offer the knowledge of many different approaches to solution based healing on our site. 

Much of this information is completely free of charge and is our own personal labor of love.  A gift given freely to you. 

We would never say that there is only 1 way to health for everyone.  We don't believe that as the path can be, and actually is, different for every single person.  So there is no doubt that some of the modalities or healing remedies presented on our site aren't for you. 

Feel free to take the information that works for you and run with that and leave the rest.  :)

We hope that you take any knowledge or seeds that are planted and apply those that are in harmony with your journey and are blessed by it. 

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When it comes to putting our reputation on the line our clients come to know very quickly that we only align ourselves with what we believe is the best of the best. 

We don't strive to be an Herb Shop and carry every product line under the sun, but nevertheless there are products that just are not available to the general public or at the local co-op or farmers market. 

We make it our business to constantly search out some of these great companies and products that we personally use, believe in and have found enough amazing value in for us to carry or promote on our website. 

Take a look HERE at some of our product suggestions that we believe are great tools to help you reach your wellness goals.


We also have a Remedies Forum HERE for a listing of natural healing remedies that have worked for some people and may also work for you!

Why Choose InternaPure?

InternaPure is a family owned and family run facility.  Our facility has been in the Marietta area for over 7 years. We understand that your health is your most precisous possession and we strive to have our facility help you meet your Quality of Life goals.

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Our Story: Why We Do What We Do

People every day come into our center or contact us via the internet asking what our health regimens are and how we have gotten to this place in our health journey.  We have written this section just for those who want to connect with us through our own personal experience.

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Hours of Operation

InternaPure Holistic Health Center
2440 Sandy Plains Road
Building 2, Suite 101
Marietta, GA  30066

(770) 971-9512


Sunday - Closed
Monday - 10:00 am to 7:00 pm 
Tuesday - 10:00 am to 7:00 pm 
Wednesday - 10:00 am to 7:00 pm
Thursday - 10:00 am to 7:00 pm 
Friday - 10:00 am to 7:00 pm
Sunday - Closed 

All Services Are By Appointment Only!
(770) 971-9512

DIRECTIONS to our facility can be found on our About Us page or by clicking HERE.

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