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Holistic Body Sculpting

You'll love the results of holistic body sculpting using the powerful properties of macro-minerals. Infrared Mineral Sculpting Wraps, developed here at InternaPure, are used with our Far Infrared Lux Sauna. They are elasticized cloth bandages soaked in one of our mineral solution blends.

Infrared Heat

Infrared heat encourages the body tissues to relax and pores to open up to take in the vital minerals that support detoxification, weight loss, and cellulite reduction while sweating out toxins, and relieving body aches and pains. The treatment consists of the application (by yourself or with the assistance of one of our technicians if necessary) of warm cloth bandages around your problem areas. You will then relax into a blissful state sitting in our Far Infrared Sauna while your body is absorbing and assimilating our mineral blend and releasing stubborn toxins for 45 minutes. Experience a completely private wrap experience.

While in our Sauna you will receive the added benefit of our oxygen and ion therapy, aromatherapy promoting toxin release and listen to calming music that has an embedded bio-energetic vibrational healing track that heals the human body field. Our infrared mineral body sculpting wraps are one of the most potent ways to administer macro-minerals into the body in the shortest time possible, promoting detoxification via sweating, increasing blood circulation, and stimulating metabolism.


Magnesium Macro-Minerals, featured in our proprietary wrap blend, are an excellent example of energy nutrients because they activate enzymes that control digestion, absorption, and the utilization of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. We employ a method of wrap that allows our clients to make their wrap session completely private if they so choose. Modesty is very important to us here at InternaPure, and we always want our clients to feel safe, comfortable and empowered. During your first session, you will receive Wrap instructions, and then you have the option of applying the wraps yourself or receiving assistance from one of our technicians.

Burn Calories

Burn 700+ calories which is the equivalent of riding a bike or running for 30-minutes. Our Sauna triggers your own body to detoxify, melt fat, even heal itself, while losing weight, eliminating pain, and getting a cardiovascular workout without lifting a finger! Your skin will look and feel younger, and your body and mind will become deeply relaxed. You will feel slimmer, and your body will receive pure essential minerals. Tighten, tone, and firm your back, glutes, stomach, and thighs during your session. Experience relief from aches and help the healing process because our sauna and minerals help make circulation more efficient.


Infrared Weightloss/Detox, Alkaline or Magnesium Body Sculpting Wraps.

45 Minute Single Wrap Session - $65.00
3 Session Package Save 20% - $156.00
6 Session Package Save 27% - $348.00
12 Session Package Save 33% - $522.00

Body Wrap

More About Body Sculpting

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